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We make it easy to send a case, and our lab has the capabilities to process both conventional impressions as well as digital impressions, ensuring that every patient gets the results and attention that they deserve. Whether you prescribe a conventional impression or a digital impression, impressions are the most critical component in the fabrication of the final dental prosthesis, and you can trust Staggs Dental Lab as your trusted partner, every impression, every time.

Conventional Impressions

While digital impressions are becoming more prescribed each day, conventional impressions have been the standard for decades, and they are likely here to stay for many more decades.

Ready to send us a case? Download the Rx form below, view our packing instructions to ensure we receive your case free of any damage, and simply request a shipping label and we’ll promptly send one to you.

For any questions or to schedule a pick-up, please call our lab.

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Digital Impression

Digital impressions are revolutionizing dentistry, for a number of reasons, including but not limited to speed, accuracy and value to the patient, as digital impression offer tremendous advantages to both the clinician and the patient.

At our laboratory, we have seen the number of remakes reduced simply from the transition of conventional impressions to digital impressions. While there are many available systems on the market, with more being added daily, Staggs Dental Lab accepts digital impressions from most of the devices currently on the market.

For any questions about sending digital files to us, please call our lab. Below are some of the systems we receive digital impressions from.

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Sirona CEREC Connect

3M True Definition

3Shape Trios

Align iTero

PlanScan E4D

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