Our laboratory specializes in the fabrication of restorations through CAD/CAM digital technology, where we are proud to offer virtually every fixed restorative product and material on the market. Our commitment to providing quality without compromise, while utilizing the latest technology, is unmatched across the industry.


We are proud to offer both full-contour zirconia restorations, as well as porcelain-fused-to-zirconia. Our zirconia restorations are suitable for both anterior and posterior crowns and bridges, through layers that mimic the translucency and esthetics of a natural tooth. From single units to full-arch roundhouses, our zirconia restorations offer reproducible quality and consistency each time.

IPS e.max CAD

IPS e.max CAD restorations are fabricated from an innovative lithium disilicate glass ceramic, and offer high strength and outstanding esthetics, imitating the natural beauty of tooth structure. e.max CAD restorations are the perfect solution for single unit crowns and bridges up to 3 units, offering great flexibility for tough cases while providing long lasting, durable restorations.


While our laboratory specializes in all-ceramic restorations through CAD/CAM digital technology, we are proud to continue to offer porcelain-fused-to-metal (PFM) crowns and bridges as well. Our custom PFM restorations are a great solution for posterior single unit cases, as the underlying metal offers stability and strength to the crown, with a very high rate of success in the long run.

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Full Gold

Full gold crowns have long been the standard for crown and bridge restorations, and while all-ceramic restorations are gaining more and more popularity, gold crowns are not going anywhere anytime soon. Our laboratory offers full gold crown and bridge restorations, both conventionally cast and now through CAD/CAM technology. Our gold crowns offer increased durability for posterior restorations such as molars.


Temporary and provisional crowns and bridges have gained tremendous popularity over the past couple years, widely due to the fact of increased material options, increased eshetics and improved strength. In the past, temporary restorations were simply a solution for the patient until the final restoration was created. Patients are now finding the quality and esthetics of their temporary crowns and bridges are not far off from that of their final restorations.


Dental implants serve as a strong and sturdy foundation for replacement teeth. From single units, to multi-unit bridges, to hybrid full-arch cases, our laboratory provides implant solutions from the most popular implant brands on the market. Whether from conventional impressions or from digital impressions, Staggs Dental Laboratory provides our Dentist clients with implant solutions with custom abutments from zirconia, lithium disilicate, as well as metal.

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