About Staggs Dental Lab

Staggs Dental Lab, LLC is a small, boutique, digital crown and bridge laboratory located in Western Maryland. The laboratory is a family-run business that specializes and utilizes CAD/CAM digital technology on virtually everything that goes through the laboratory, thus providing their Dentist clients predictable and quality results every time.

Derrick & Mandy Staggs

Derrick and Mandy Staggs started Staggs Dental Laboratory in 2000. They’ve been married for 20 years and have been in business together the entire time. Both Derrick and Mandy’s passion is to help those in need, and dentistry has been the vehicle they’ve used to change the lives of countless patients, and they love partnering with Dentists that have that same passion of helping others.

Cindy Whiteman

Cindy is an extremely dedicated employee who has been working at Staggs Dental Lab for 18 years. She is an all-around employee whose hand is likely in every case, from diework, opaquing, building porcelain, downloading our digital impressions, as well as scanning. With her stellar communication skills, she takes most of the calls at the lab. When you call the lab, this is the face of the commmitted and talented individual that you’re speaking with.

Jordon Stickley

Jordon has worked with Staggs Dental Lab for over 7 years, and her dedication to not only her tasks at hand, but to our Dentist clients and patients is second-to-none. Our own little jack-of-all-trades, Jordon does diework, pick-up and delivery, and also logs in cases and scans cases. If you’ve ever scheduled a pick-up or delivery from our lab, Jordon’s bubbly personality and smile will always leave a mark. She’s a tremendous asset to our team and her skillsets are invaluable.

Future Employees

Tanner & Tyler Staggs

Tanner and Tyler are Derrick and Mandy’s pride and joy. They were never forced to follow in their parents’ footsteps, but have both willingly decided that they want a future in the family business. They will be attending Putnam Career and Technical Center after graduating from high school, and once completed, they will join the team at Staggs Dental Lab. Derrick and Mandy are thrilled for the opportunity to work with Tanner and Tyler.

Staggs Dental Lab, LLC

21403 Queens Point Road SW
McCoole, MD 21562

(301) 786-4368

Staggs Dental Lab

21403 Queens Point Road SW McCoole, MD 21562 (301) 786-4368

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